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This commission form is specifically for chibis, and it's adapted from the character description form. I created it so you won't have to fill out the entire form if you're only asking for a chibi. allows you to pick exact colors and describe them with hexadecimal codes (for example, white is #ffffff). Feel free to provide codes so I can make the colors exact.

Hair: Please mention color, length,* texture, and typical style. Are there bangs and/or layers? Does it cover your character's ears? Where is it parted? If your character usually wears it one way but occasionally wears it a different way, feel free to say so—it gives me more creative license.
Age: Adults will look a little different from teens or children.
Body Type: thin, fat or average; if female, how much of a figure (may not be obvious)
Race: as in, White, African, Asian, etc.
Skin Color: Please be precise; use a hexidecimal code if you'd like. Mention freckles, if any, and where they are.
Anything Else: scars, birthmarks, whatever else

*Because chibis have large heads, I may make the hair longer relative to the body to keep it from looking too short.

Simplifying Complex Outfits: To keep complex outfits from looking ridiculously crowded, I may cut out some elements.If your character wears a highly detailed outfit, please mention any important aspects that you don't want me to remove. I can usually tell what the most important designs are, but if there's anything you think I might not notice (for example, a minor detail with an important backstory), then feel free to mention it.

General Outfit: What type of outfit does your character like to wear? Feel free to give details: patterned or plain, loud or muted, long or short (for skirts etc.), fancy or casual, et cetera.
Shoes: Sneakers? High heels? Socks?
Accessories: jewelry, pierced ears (favorite type of earrings?), scarves, belts, hats
Special Accessories: If your character has any, please give me a picture or a detailed description. If your little girl has a favorite doll she carries everywhere, mention it here.
Colors Worn: What colors is your character likely to be wearing? Again, please be specific—"bright, cheerful greens, usually more bluish than yellowish" is much more specific than "green." If you simply say "green," I'm going to assume that your character likes every green that I can imagine.
Overall Fashion Sense: (optional) To an outsider, how do these clothes look? Is there an overall "adorable" feel, or might a different person wonder if your character is color-blind?

General Personality: I want to be able to convey it in the picture; a list of 7 or so adjectives or a short paragraph is about right
Innocence: How innocent or cynical is your character? It seems like an odd question, but it affects how I draw chibis.
Most Common Mood: Is this character usually smiling, frowning, or staring off into space thinking about philosophy?
Hangouts: if you ask for backdrop; if you were looking for him/her, where would you check first?
Favorite Activities: Just list a few. I might end up drawing your character holding a book or petting a cat.
Can't/Won't: If your character can't swim, I don't want to draw her swimming.
Profession: If your character works, what is his/her job?

Pose & Particulars: (for this specific commission) For example, if you want a profile chibi, you might want the chibi to be standing, facing the left, and holding a sign that says "Commission Info." Or maybe you'd like the chibi to sit and read Jane Eyre. I'm totally okay with particulars, so be as specific as you'd like! If you don't specify, then I'll pick what seems best for the character's personality (which may be a fun surprise).

If there are multiple characters who will show up together:
Note: If you have several characters, please fill out separate forms for each

Relationship with Other Character(s): The character's body language will convey this. For example:
Jenny ~ (sister) Fred looks out for her, and they love to read books together. Jenny tends to follow him around at times, and he rarely minds. They get along very well despite their age difference.
Then Jenny's profile might say Fred (brother) ~ Jenny loves and idolizes him, and she always comes to him for advice and comfort. She loves to spend time with him whenever possible.
Relative Height: Is one character slightly taller, noticeably taller, or much taller than the other? There's no need to be too specific; chibis are proportioned differently, so height differences may be altered slightly if it means one character will be too small.
This deviation is miscategorized because dA only allows certain categories for .txt files, and I didn't want anyone to think this is a tutorial, so here is my next-best choice.

This is the alternate form for chibi commissions. It is altered specifically to work with the way I draw chibis, so... if you want to link people to a commission form, I recommend you give them this one.


My Commission Info | (Non-chibi) Character Description Form
apples-eye Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
Hmm. Would you like me to fill this out for my commission? :D
MissLunaRose Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012   General Artist
No, you don't have to; the references and my prior knowledge of Moe are enough for me to draw her well. :D Thanks for offering. :hug:
apples-eye Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
okay! no problem :D.
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