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November 6, 2011
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Character Description Form

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 6, 2011, 10:03 AM
This form works for commissions, art trades, requests, or any possible situation in which I or someone else could be drawing your character.


This form will give me a sense of how to draw your character! Please copy and paste this text into a note or deviation. Highlight and type over the parts that aren't in bold. You can jump back to this form for the links.

Be specific!

Please share as much information as you can think of! The more info you give me, the more easily I can draw your character how you envision him/her. You won't be pestering me if you tell me the exact hair color; instead, I'll be happier to know that I'm getting it right.

Reference pictures

Premium members (and non-premium members?) can add thumbnails to literature deviations through! This is a great way to incorporate reference pictures. Otherwise just put in links, such as Rose on a height chart with other characters. (You can use href codes.)

The Text

Eyes: Instead of "blue," please say, "a slightly greenish medium blue," "a blue like the midtones of this shirt [link]" or "RGB 60 153 181" Mention shape or anything else I'd need to know.
---> Color Picker (works with hexadecimal, RGB and HSB)
Hair: Mention color, thickness, length and typical style. Does it cover your character's ears? Where is it parted? If your character usually wears it one way but occasionally wears it a different way, feel free to say so—it gives me more creative license.
Height: Numbers are preferred, but "a bit tall for her age" is okay too.
---> Inch to Centimeters converter; it can also change centimeters to meters
Age: If your character is 18 but looks like she is only 15 or so, please make note of this. If the difference is significant (2-5 years; much more would mean a genetic anomaly), then please mention which traits (height, baby fat...) give off this impression or I'll get a headache trying to draw the character.
Body Type: slim/average/stocky frame, girlish/womanish/in-between figure if female, athletic/average/wimpy, how thin or fat, feel free to be more specific as necessary
Race: as in, White, Black, Indian, etc.
Skin Color: Give a hexidecimal code, or tell me how pale/tan. Are there any freckles, and where?
Face Shape: round, thin, square, don't know; cheekbones; baby fat
Nose: How large is it, and what shape is it?
Mouth: fullness of lips, cupid's bow, etc.
Ears: anything notable?
Hands and Feet: large or small, chubby or elegant, dominant hand (right- or left-handed) etc.
Anything Else: scars, birthmarks, pointy ears, whatever else

General Outfit: Does she love dresses? Does he wear large shirts? Do the clothes have designs, or are they usually simple and plain? Is there a uniform, and if so, could you describe it or show me a picture?
Shoes: Sneakers? High heels? Socks?
Accessories: jewelry, pierced ears (if so, mention what type of earrings he/she usually wears), scarves, belts, hats
Special Accessories: If your character has any, please give me a picture or a detailed description. Pictures are much preferred. If your little girl has a favorite doll she carries everywhere, mention it here.
Makeup Does your character wear makeup? Taste is more important than exact colors. Preferences are great (such as blush that emphasizes the cheekbones, eye shadow that doesn't look too unnatural, etc.).
Colors Worn: What colors is your character likely to be wearing? Again, please be specific—"bright, cheerful greens, usually more bluish than yellowish" is much more specific than "green." If you simply say "green," I'm going to assume that your character likes every green that I can imagine.
Overall Fashion Sense: (optional) To an outsider, how do these clothes look? Is there an overall "adorable" feel, or might a different person wonder if your character is color-blind?

General Personality: I want to be able to convey it in the picture; a list of 7 or so adjectives or a short paragraph is about right
Most Common Mood: Is this character usually smiling, frowning, or staring off into space thinking about philosophy?
Hangouts: in case of a backdrop; if you were looking for him/her, where would you check first?
Favorite Activities: Just list a few. I might end up drawing your character holding a book or petting a cat.
Can't/Won't: If your character can't swim, I don't want to draw her swimming.
Profession: What do they do for a living? If they're too young to work, say so.

If there are multiple characters:
Note: If you have several characters, please fill out separate forms for each
Relationship with Other Character(s): The character's body language will convey this. For example, Jenny ~ (sister) Fred looks out for her, and they love to read books together. Jenny tends to follow him around at times, and he rarely minds. They get along quite well despite their age difference. Then Jenny's profile might say Fred (brother) ~ Jenny loves and idolizes him, and she always comes to him for advice and comfort. She loves to spend time with him whenever possible.
Relative Height: So I don't make anyone too tall or too short (e.g. Jenny is just below shoulder height on Fred) If you have a height chart of them all right next to each other... perfect.
Attitude Towards Strangers: If you're writing this as a deviation, people can use it as a reference for double memes, gifts, art trades, etc. Maybe they'll draw your character meeting their character!

Could you... List any special requests here.

So, yeah, this thing is a little long. However, if you fill it all out, I will not be running back to you later asking "What is her face shape?" or "Are his muscles prominent?" and being unable to continue drawing while I wait for your response. These are the questions I usually find myself asking as I draw a character. Thank you for taking the time to make your picture much better!

For those who know me for my writer's guides, yes, it is true. `Luna--Rose does sometimes color her chibis.
In fact, I even make comics of colored chibis.

Last Important Update: 8/12/2012
This form works for commissions, art trades, gifts, requests, and just about any other occasion that you can think of in which I might be drawing your character.

It is meant to be used as a substitute for a reference picture or as an add-on to a reference.

You are free to link others to this form when working on commissions, art trades, and other things! It is meant to be shared. :la:
If you fill this out and submit it as a deviation, please link to the original form. That way, people who use it can have all the suggestions and links in the original. :)

My Commission Info

Character Questionnaire
This is a useful questionnaire I have all my major characters fill out. Please copy and paste it into a Word document or deviation. Then highlight the information after the colons and type over it.

Name: Full name and nicknames 
Age: If your character is not a human, give it in animal/fairy/alien/whatever years and human years—for any species  you invented, calculate a constant (e.g. 0.6667 alien years per human year)
Height and weight: give numbers if possible (Google "girls/boys height weight chart" to help) or use relative values (e.g. he's short for a guy his age)
Body type: frame (thin, stocky, etc.), weight, whatever
Eyes: color, s

Example: Rose (my character)
Example: Sophie by ~NinjaTeddiesGalore
Example: Kaisae by *Pheoniic
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Emily7974 Featured By Owner Mar 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
could i copy and pase the commission details into my own commission?
MissLunaRose Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014   General Artist
Of course! That's what the form is meant for. :D
Emily7974 Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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MissLunaRose Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2014   General Artist
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ArtilleryTortoise Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013
Funny thing just occured to me! cloudhurrplz -- revamp 
Could I mention, using the colour numbers, my character's eyes?
Like for a baby blue: HUE: 128, SAT: 158, LUM: 182, RED: 153, GREEN: 217, BLUE: 234

or would that just be weird? Froggy Emoji 01 (Confused or Lost Frog) [V1] 
MissLunaRose Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2013   General Artist
You forgot #99D9EA ;)
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